In Person Sales for Any Portrait Genre

Jenn will look over your website, social media channels, and dissect your client workflow to make sure you're properly educating your clients and that you have a system in place to maximize sales. Whether you're starting out with a shoot and burn model or you are already doing in person sales, but looking to increase your average sale, she can help! She'll also teach you the process she created that increased her own sales average by $1500, as well as the steps necessary to ensure a successful in person sales session.

Jenn specializes in modern high school senior portraits, and enjoys a high end, low volume business model. Her boutique studio sees up to 40 seniors per year at a $4000 sales average, filling in down time with corporate and actor headshots. She has developed a process for any genre of portrait sales that can help you realize a higher income. Work smarter, not harder.