Creative Adviser

Let's get our portfolio ready for the months to come and bring diverse options and alternatives to approach your photography.

Mauricio will help you to polish your portfolio for your new website. be ready for all the networking, magazines and blog submissions. we will curate your photos for your Instagram, Facebook campaigns and selects these award-winning photographs you have and may not realize.

Mauricio will go deep in your photography and help you to select the photographs that will speak about your vision as an artist and photographs that connect with today's market.

Also during this time, we will do a full raw review to analyze our behavior during the shooting, and be more efficient on our time, We will be also exploring all the alternatives that we may overlook in these different scenarios. so next time you will free your self to your full potential.

Mauricio will share his personal way to do Post-processing with your own images. See how much we can push your images and learn all Mauricio secrets.