How To Create Cinematic Senior Videos

Video is the next big thing in the senior photography world, but it's a way different animal than photo. So how can photographers get in on this emerging and profitable niche - especially if they know nothing about the world of filmmaking? Garon covers all the details, from start to finish, on creating stellar senior films that clients will love and pay for! From basic camera settings, to recommended gear, camera angles and movement, shot ideas, composition, editing, and more, you'll learn everything you need to start creating compelling videos from scratch. Don't worry if you've ever been left confused by other video instructors. Garon is just as much a photographer at heart as he his a filmmaker, so he knows how you think and work, and has crafted his instruction around a photographer-minded approach. He'll teach you how to switch your brain into video mode and start thinking like a filmmaker! It's time to bring some video awesomeness to your market!