Kink Concepts & Erotica

If you’ve been wanting to inject a bit more intensity into your images, but aren’t sure how to do so artistically, emotionally or both, Do More Photographers Educator Taylor Oakes can help set you up for success to hold space for both yourself and your clients while shooting incredibly sensitive material such as erotica and power dynamics.

Not sure where to find these clients?

How to speak the BDSM language?

What to incorporate in a posing flow?

Where to find models?

How to maintain boundaries?

Taylor can help.

**This session Includes the Intro to Erotica Course - a $99 Value

The course covers

- Kink identity development

- Pre-consultation tips for you and your client

- A detailed breakdown of how I break down my clients

- How to get people comfortable being naked

- How to make couples comfortable with you and each other

- What makes an environment “fuckable”

- How to make erotica look cinematic vs. cheesy

- Power dynamics in imagery

- Censoring tips and tricks for social media

- In camera and post processing editing tips

- Where and how to find erotic models

- Shooting live vs. simulated sex

- What to do when the session isn’t working


Introverts Introduction to Erotica