Level Up

You’ve been in the trenches, you’ve hustled and your business is running like a (mostly) well-oiled machine. It’s time to level up, and start taking some of those fucking hats off, so you can focus on growth. Work with Andrea on an individualized plan to determine what the next steps are to keep growing by bringing on support staff and services. We will dig in to determine what tools will bring you the most success and define what areas will require more education. Ultimately, we will work together to help you feel confident about the people you bring into your business. 

Topics of possibility include:

- Contractors vs. Employees; making the correct choice

- Legal compliance review/setup

- Employee Handbooks

- State/Federally required forms

- Job Descriptions

- New Hire/Exit Paperwork

- Managing employees effectively

- Navigating difficult employee situations

- Recruiting, interviewing and hiring effectively

- Prioritizing training for maximized efficiency