Rev Up

This option is for my newbies! I love working with newer boudoir photographers on the finer points of business! This option will focus on the fundamentals of setting your business up correctly to START (or start over), for profitability and sustainability!

Oftentimes, newer photographers think they have to make peanuts, and put in their dues before making money, and burn out and quit before ever generating a decent income. While I’m not going to tell you there is not a whole lot of bootstrapping you’ll have to do, I can help set you on the path to make money from the beginning!

We'll use these topics to help us build a strategic plan and set goals to create instrumental tools for growth and movement into the success you're hoping to achieve! I'll help you get setup with goals and achievable steps towards those goals

Possible topics to cover:

- Cost of Doing Business

- Licensing

- Sales Tax Setup/Requirements

- In Person Sales

- Pricing structure

- Elementary marketing

- and perhaps most importantly, MINDSET.