Social Media Marketing + Creating Clickbait

I’ve been creating clickbait a lot longer than I’ve been creating art and understanding how to make the internet machine has been my primary directive for most of my adult years.

I used to be the Director of Production for BodyRockTV - the largest online fitness community in the world.

I learned how to capture data, create client trust and build a relationship through social media that resulted in ongoing revenue. I figured out how to create content that converted, captions that were clickable and workflows that streamlined the entire process.

I have put my freelance photography career on hold to step back into the marketing realm and now do this exclusively for Do More Photographers & clients in the cannabis space.

What we can cover:

Content creation for social media

Email Marketing



Automation & workflow optimization

Social media strategy


Branding and creative direction

Video production

Each session includes access to my Creating Conscious Clickbait Course

This course goes over:

- Definitions of terms and tools for all social platforms (reach, impressions, engagement, etc)

- Do’s and Don’ts of sponsored posts

- Best posting practices for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

- How to use analytics effectively

- Algorithm tips, tricks and conspiracy theories

- Pros and Cons of automation

- Soft science on how brains and eyes focus

- The rule of thirds and why it was made to be broken

- Thin slicing and wtf that is

- People posing techniques, tips and cues for your subjects

- Why I love lines

- Effective and efficient distraction clean up, post processing & culling for social media content

- How to format a model call + sample script

- SEO 101

- How to hashtag

- Tips for shooting photo and video content

- A/B Testing

Plus a 30-day posting pattern guaranteed to boost your engagement and increase your followers without sponsoring posts!


Creating Conscious Clickbait