Tough Love Portfolio Review

The brutal, honest truth is this : most of the photos you take are not and will not ever be good enough for the front page of your website. Even if your clients absolutely loved every photo from their session with you, putting all those photos up on your home page will water down your portfolio and bore prospective clients, leaving them underwhelmed and unmotivated.

Your online portfolio should only have ONE GOAL : to make prospective clients fall in love with your work. You want them to watch your slideshow without ever being tempted to skip a photo. You want them to be excited halfway through the gallery, imagining what they would look like in front of your camera. You want them to be BLOWN AWAY, not bored!

When you book a Tough Love Portfolio Review, we'll go through your website galleries and help you narrow your photos down to only the BEST OF THE BEST. We'll tell you which photos stopped us in our tracks and which photos we would scroll right by without hesitation. With the singular goal of helping you make the best first impression, you’ll get the kind of valuable feedback prospective clients will never tell you.

Let us help you book more sessions and make more money by helping you build a stronger portfolio that makes a killer first impression.