As creatives we can often be overwhelmed with questions we all face such as; Who am I? Where do I belong in my industry? What do I have to say through my art? Am I really happy with what I’m doing? In this unique mentorship session Joao Guedes & Tiara Brouse will help you dig deep into your creative self to shine light and help you find answers to all these complicated unanswered questions. Forget industry standards and sales models, this is about helping you find yourself and your untapped potential.

Common Topics:

portfolio review

importance of connection in relation to confidence and authenticity

the power of references: turning inward to tap into your personal references; transforming creative references to create beautiful imagery

trusting your voice as the key to career longevity 

concept and photographic identity

embracing my awkward to put clients ease

empathy; holding space as a way of empowering your clients