Wacom Sorcery

Wacoms are the Universe’s gift to photographers. That pen may as well be a magic wand. These bad boys will literally change your life, yet so many photographers buy one, get freaked out, and never use it again. If they do use it, they likely aren’t using it to the full potential. Don’t do that. Those behaviors cause Jen gut bubbles.

They really aren’t as scary as you think. This 90-minute call will get you totally set up, with options customized to your specific needs. You will learn how to manhandle your settings, make changes on the fly, find the right nib for you, and start to edit like a boss. If your editing time is not greatly reduced after mastering your tablet, then you must already be a sorcerer.

The goal will be to cut out all useless clicks - like accessing things through the menu, wasting time clicking through tools and settings, and hunting and pecking for keyboard shortcuts. Depending on which model you have, you might even be able to go completely keyboard-free too! Every time you move your cursor from your workspace, or your hand from its stationary position, you are wasting time. Seconds add up to days, which adds up to years and centuries*. No prior wacom experience required, but you do need to own one prior to our call.

*may be a slight exaggeration to illustrate point

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