Jason Domingues


Weddings/Engagement, Headshots




Kansas City, United States of America


Jason has been a photographer for the last 27 years.  

He grew up in a little town called Bristol, RI and worked as a stringer for the local paper. Eventually struggling with how to “get out”, he joined the Army.  After serving 4 years and marrying his wife and business partner Allison, he decided to get back into photography.

For years, he photographed bands such as Slipknot, 311, Deftones, The Used, and Pantera. In 2004, some friends approached him and asked him to photograph their wedding. At first, it was a resounding “NO”. He didn’t want to have anything to do with weddings. Eventually though, he agreed. . .provided they let him do it “his way”. They agreed, and that was the start of his career and his love of photographing people. Sixteen years and hundreds of weddings later, he still loves telling stories through his images, and making his clients happy. 

You won’t see Jason teaching on the big stages because he doesn’t teach the same stuff as everyone else. What he has mastered has kept his business thriving when many others have failed, and more importantly, he still truly loves what he does. All these years later. It’s all about how to work smart, save time, and work to live. Not live to work.

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I will help you implement a workflow that will help you get your life back!


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I will help you implement a workflow that will help you get your life back!